Summer is here and the archery ranges are open for use. The ranges can be used anytime from dawn to dusk. Any kind of bow can be used on the archery ranges, compounds, recurves, longbows, as well as crossbows. Please just shoot field points at the targets, broadheads tear up the targets pretty bad. The field archery range is configured so you can shoot 10, 20, 30 and 40 yard targets from the same firing line. There is a new bow rack by the firing line to hold your bow while you retrieve your arrows. I have placed a few 3D targets on the range as well. The walking archery range is open for use as well. Just go through this gate and follow the path back to the walking range. It is marked pretty well. There are ten animal targets at different distances ranging from 10 to 45 yards. The second picture shows the first station, a deer target at about 30 yards. I have placed a map of the walking range on the bulletin board in the main clubhouse. So, come out and try the archery ranges when you get a chance.