Pioneer Gun Club has sponsored and supported the Missouri Pioneers YHEC group for several years, but there may be some in our club that do not know the level of commitment and dedication our young people have made to the shooting sports. YHEC is open to all young men and women, ages 11 to 18, who have completed Missouri Hunter Education. Our group, Missouri Pioneers, practices year around in preparation for the State Competition Event in Jefferson City each June. State Competition is comprised of 8 events:

1. Shotgun—sporting clays with report doubles and true doubles.

2. Rifle–.22 smallbore @ metal knock-down targets. 3 sections of 10 shots in 7 minutes at distances between 25 and 75 yards.

3. Muzzleloader—percussion or flintlock rifles with single patched round balls or pure lead slug at metal swinging targets between 25 and 75 yards.

4. Archery—outdoor 3D targets from 5 to 40 yards.

5. Orienteering—includes direction and distance finding, range estimation, map reading, plotting direction and interpreting USGS topographical map, and general knowledge of maps and symbols.

6. Animal identification—identify North American wildlife from fur, feather, skull, track, mounts, antler, horn, scat, or other signs.

7. Hunter safety trail—walk through trail that may include ethical, legal, and safe hunting situations, shoot and don’t shoot situations and knowledge of the 10 commandments of firearm safety, trail carries and zones of fire.

8. Hunter Responsibility—50 question written test on hunter preparedness and responsibilities including wildlife management, outdoor ethics, survival, first aid, firearm and bow equipment knowledge and other pertinent information hunters should know. Exam questions are taken from the NRA Hunter Handbook.

The focus of this group is to have fun, spend time in the outdoors, and to help each young shooter to achieve his/her personal best. While practices are helpful, they are not a requirement to compete at the State Event. The YHEC group does have some equipment available to borrow, so if this type of shooting sounds fun to you or you know of a young person who would be interested we would love for you to come join the fun! Come check out YHEC—you will be glad you did!

For more information and a schedule of meetings, contact:

Dan LaMastres Phone: 816-210-8344 or;