The Cast Bullet program runs from March through October. We shoot on the third Wednesday of the month.

We run a Cast Bullet Association Registered match which consists of a 60 round course of fire that can be shot a 100 yards or 200 yards or 30 rounds fired on both the 100 and 200 yard ranges.

We shoot on Range #1 the range opens at 8:30 AM for practice with the match starting at 9:00 AM and usually runs into the early afternoon. The Cast Bullet Assoc. match is primarily a scope sighted bench rest match with Hunter, Production, Heavy, Unlimited Rifle, Plain Base Bullet classes along with bench pistol class there are also Military matches shot with classes in Issue, Modified Issue, and Scope.

You do not have to be a member of the Cast Bullet Assoc. to shoot this match and we encourage all shooters to come and shoot with no matter the type of rifle or pistol. Any center fire rifle or pistol is welcome you just have to shoot a cast bullet they do not have be cast by yourself they may be bought. Lever Actions, Single Shots, Black Powder Cartridge all are welcome if we don’t have a class for you to fit into we will make up a new one.

Richard Brinkman