CMP / High Powered Rifle League


The Pioneer Gun Club is a member of the Civilian Marksmanship Program, CMP, and has been for many years. In 2013 we started conducting rifle matches approved by the CMP, these matches are run according to the CMP rule book and the scores are reported to the CMP after each match. These matches are also conducted as a league type competition as the scores are kept through the year and awards are given to the top three shooters in each class of rifle at the end of the year if they have shot at least three matches; the rifle classes are, M1 Garand as issued, military bolt action rifle as issued, m1 carbine as issued, modern military service rifle as issued and an un-approved class for a hunting rifle. (A hunting rifle is defined as any center fire rifle having a scope or target type sights).

All firing is at 200 yards on the standard 200 yard military target with the exception of the carbines, they fire at 100 yards on the standard 100 yard military target. The service rifles and the hunting rifles shoot the Garand ‘a’ 35 round ‘a’ course of fire. The carbines shoot the carbine 40 round course of fire [50 rounds with the allowed 10 sighting shots].

 It is possible to shoot more than one match and more than one type of rifle a day as we will run at least two relays and a possible third if there are more than 5 shooters for the third relay. 30-06 and carbine ammo will be available for purchase by the match shooters. 

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The mission of the Civilian Marksmanship Program is to Promote Firearm Safety and Marksmanship Training With an Emphasis on Youth. Our Vision is That Every Youth in America Has the Opportunity to Participate in Firearm Safety and Marksmanship Programs.