Metallic silhouette shooting is a type of target shooting that involves shooting at metal cutouts representing animals. The targets used are rams, turkeys, pigs, and chickens, which are cut to different scales and set at certain distances from the shooter.

Metallic silhouette shooting can be related to the instant gratification of a hunting trip when the trigger is pulled and you hear that thump and see the target go down. Our targets are perched on steel stands and you score either a hit or a miss. Either the target is knocked off the stand or it is still there, looking right back at you. One shot, one target one chance to score the hit. A solid hit in the center of a ram at 100 meters pushes it straight back and off the stand. A good hit on a chicken can send it flying back, spinning several yards through the air.

Silhouette shooting is one of the most challenging sports for individual marksmanship. Many great shooting competitions offer challenging shots at long range from a bench or other supported position. All our shooting is done from a standing position swaying in whatever breeze there happens to be. We shoot 10 chickens at 40 meters, 10 pigs at 60 meters, 10 turkeys at 77 meters, and 10 rams at 100 meters. A total of 40 rounds is needed for a match plus sight in rounds. We will shoot two 40 round matches back to back for an 80 round event. You may shoot one or both. Starting in April, our matches are NRA approved for those participants wishing to continue their NRA ranking.

We shoot with .22 rimfire rifles. Any standard velocity or high velocity .22 short, long, or long rifle ammo is permitted but the extra hot rounds such as the STINGER or VIPER rounds and magnums are prohibited.

Our matches are the second Saturday of the month from April through October at the McBride range. Setup will start at 7:30am. We will have a sight in period starting at 8:00am and will start the first rifle relay promptly at 8:30. Unless we have a huge turnout of shooters, we should be finished shooting by noon.

You do not have to be a pioneer member to participate. This event is open to the public and all are welcome. Juniors are encouraged to try this fun and challenging shooting sport.

For additional information contact Adam Bell, email: