November 4th & 5th – 2017

 9:00 AM TO 4:00 PM

$4.00 Per Firearm

MAKE SURE YOUR FIREARM IS PROPERLY SIGHTED IN AND READY FOR THE 2016 DEER SEASON! Pioneer offers a unique *one on one* service to hunters.  Each hunter is assigned a shooting bench, with a spotting scope, rifle rest, targets and an experienced club member to help them get their rifle sighted in properly and accurately. BE SURE TO BRING THE CORRECT AMMUNITION FOR YOUR FIREARM! The shooting benches are covered and there are club house facilities available along with a hot lunch, coffee and soda also available for purchase. Pioneer Gun Club has facilities for high power rifle, pistol, shotgun and black powder firearms.  You may sight-in your rifles at distances up to 200 yards.  You are invited to bring all your firearms and let us help you get accurately sighted in.  We also offer free bore sighting when necessary. This event is held at Pioneer’s McBride range in Bates City, Missouri.  The range is located about 8 miles south of Bates City. Before entering the range, make sure that all firearms are unloaded and the actions are open.  Bring your firearms, uncased, into the club house with you to sign in HOT LUNCH, COFFEE AND SODA WILL BE AVAILABLE. Questions about this event or membership? Call the club at 816-743-9218 or see our web site at Printable Informational Flyer and Map: 2017 HUNTER Site in Days